Internal Auditing

The ever increasing complexities of business require adopting best of the practices available for implementing appropriate internal controls and improving the efficiency & effectiveness of internal audits. This necessitates the auditors and executives with internal control responsibilities to equip, refresh and stay abreast with the modern auditing practices and further developments in these areas.

Considering this need, Astral, with its over three decades of experience in Internal Auditing, provides training on various activities and best practices relating to conducting audits. The courses are designed to suit various levels of audience aimed at quick elevation of their auditing skills. Through this, the auditors & aspiring auditors would be able to upgrade their skills to take advantage of the potential opportunities and meet the stakeholder’s needs effectively.

In order to facilitate clear understanding of the topics dealt with, they would also be supplemented with scenario-based classroom exercises, activities and tools/techniques, as appropriate. Further, to address the needs of the participants with varied skill levels and exposures, the course have been classified into 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Basic tour of Internal Auditing

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of aspiring/new auditors and non-auditors with internal control responsibilities. It provides a strong knowledge base for conducting effective internal audits and helps in identifying risks and internal controls.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Internal Auditing
  • Three phases of audit – Planning, Fieldwork & Reporting
  • Audit planning & Preliminary Survey
  • Interviewing, Process documentation, Flowcharts & Audit programs
  • Evaluation of controls & Audit findings
  • Audit Communication, Documentation & Reporting

Level : Basic

Course duration : 5 days

Intermediate tour of Internal Auditing

The course is designed to meet the needs of audit supervisors/auditors-in-charge who are vested with the responsibility of leading audit teams. Leading an audit team requires, apart from great deal of knowledge, strong leadership skills for effectively managing the teams. This is the key to manage audit projects smoothly.

Course content:

  • Internal Control – Frameworks & Best practices
  • Risk Assessments
  • Developing audit programs
  • Audit planning & staffing
  • Supervising and reviewing audits
  • Audit communication & managing teams
  • Using CAATs

Level : Intermediate

Course duration : 5 days

Advanced tour of Internal Auditing

The course is tailored to meet the ever increasing demands of experienced auditors who has previous experience in conducting internal audits or familiarity with internal auditing practices and are keen in continuously raising the bars and upgrading their skill sets. Primarily, auditors come across peculiar situations and wonder how those situations are handled elsewhere.

Course content:

  • Audit organization structure and processes
  • Annual Audit planning
  • Risk based auditing
  • Control self assessments
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Auditor’s role in Enterprise Governance
  • Communication with Audit Committee

Level : Advanced

Course duration : 3 days

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