CSR Consulting

Q- What is that most important quality today that stakeholders and investors look for in a company apart from quality products/service and impressive financial statements?

A- It is- How are they “giving back” to the environment, stakeholders and the society at large.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is the positive act of “giving back” to the Planet and People, alongside paying attention to the company’s Profit and Product.
Today in India, we do have very good examples of CSR initiatives, but by and large, companies confuse sporadic philanthropy with CSR. The net result is- aimless spending with no output, abandoning of projects, poor or no reporting and ultimately, loss of faith in CSR.
We truly believe that there is a huge potential lying untapped with the companies in the form of CSR. All that is required is - the will power to take the first step and someone whom they can look up to for timely advice and constant guidance.
Astral introduces its CSR Consulting wing, which aims to effectively enable its clients to incorporate sustainable CSR practices in line with their business goals, thereby helping them and their stakeholders to mutually benefit from the same.

Astral CSR Consulting is just for you, if you are a Company that is looking for:

  • Evaluating your present CSR practices and providing a clear roadmap
  • Developing CSR policy in line with your business
  • Creating awareness among your employees about CSR and involving them in volunteering
  • Implementing and monitoring sustainable CSR projects
  • Effectively reporting your CSR initiatives

If You have the Will, We will show you the Way!!

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