Basics of Internal Auditing

With globalisation and mounting operational challenges, managements need to implement an effective internal control system which should help in achieving its organizational objectives irrespective of the business verticals. For this, they also need an independent assurance that the internal control systems are adequate and effectively functioning in managing these risks.

The internal control/audit function plays a key role in implementing, assessing and reporting on an organization’s risk management, internal controls and management information systems. Hence, there is a need for both the auditors as well us management/staff to have a thorough understanding of identifying risks, implementing internal controls and for conducting effective internal audit.

Hence, it is imperative for the students aspiring to be auditors or part of the management team including aspiring entrepreneurs need to have a strong knowledge base in these areas.

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of those colleges who desire to impart this practical knowledge to its students, thereby, adding a lot of value to the formal education that they have undergone in their respective domains. This will also improve their placement opportunities and choosing other related courses which can help in quicker progression in their chosen career.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Internal Auditing
  • Three phases of audit – Planning, Fieldwork & Reporting
  • Audit planning & Preliminary Survey
  • Interviewing, Process documentation, Flowcharts & Audit programs
  • Evaluation of controls & Audit findings
  • Audit Communication, Documentation & Reporting

Level : Basic
Course duration : Can be customized based on the college’s requirements

For whom: Colleges with Students of Accounting, Auditing, Business Administration, Information Systems/Technology disciplines who aspire to become auditors, accounting professionals or a part of any functional management team

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