Business process and ERP

Most of the business houses today, irrespective of their size and complexities, have embraced ERP applications of varied nature. There are wide ranges of ERP applications such as those from global ERP companies, the indigenous versions, speciality ERPs for specific verticals and even home-grown ERPs. Irrespective of their nature and size, certain underlying business process concepts and the functioning logic remains predominantly the same. Hence, it becomes important for anyone to gain a fundamental knowledge of these concepts and practical training to be competitive and efficient in the industry.

This course is specifically designed to provide a practical knowledge on how organizations run in an ERP environment. This training would entail a combination of both ‘classroom’ and ‘hands-on’ training to help the participants complete essence of the role for which they are being trained. This is ideally suited for candidates who aspire to work in an ERP environment or pursue a career in ERP. An optimum balance of both business process and ERP concepts are included along with real life scenarios on key business processes.

Course modules:


Enterprise Business Process : A detailed understanding of business organizations, types, functional and vertical business processes in an Enterprise
Enterprise Resource Planning System : Comprehensive and End to End Concepts of ERP
Open ERP – Functional Training on All Modules with an eye to real time implementation
Implementing OpenERP – Project Management & Methodologies
OpenERP Lab Exercises - Business Case Presentations and Mock Implementations>

Level : Basic
Course duration : Can be customized based on the college’s requirements

For whom: Colleges with Students of Accounting, Auditing, Business Administration, Information Systems/Technology disciplines who aspire for a career in ERP or related environment

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