SAP Audit

SAP Audit
About Client
  • Client is, a member firm of leading group which was established in 1788 and currently evolved into one of the largest business groups in India. It has business interests in Sugar, Bio Pesticides and Neutraceuticals.
  • EID Parry has deployed SAP R/3 ERP System across their plants (Sugar, Ceramics and Chemicals)
  • The need is to
  • Check the effectiveness and efficiency of Application Controls built in to the modules (FICO, MM,SD,PM) of SAP to avoid any business risks and process coverage.
  • Know the Utilization of SAP Module features and functions
  • Ensure the Accuracy and Reliability of MIS Reports generated from the SAP Modules
Our Scope
  • Reviewed process coverage to check whether all the process has been correctly mapped in the modules of SAP and appropriate module features available were used effectively by end users.
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of Application Controls built in to the modules of SAP System
  • Completeness, Accuracy and Data Integrity in Master tables were analyzed for any data errors resulting in inaccurate MIS Reports.
  • Reviewed the Segregation of Duties in SAP User IDs and access controls built in to the same.
Benefits for Client
  • Initiatives were implemented for maximum utilization of module features by end users there by increasing staff productivity, avoiding duplication of works, manual file keeping etc.
  • Reasonable Assurance to the management that application systems are flawless and prevented from frauds arising out of intentional or accidental errors and system misconfigurations.
  • Reliability of MIS Reports generated from system was ensured for business decisions without any manual data compilation.
  • SOD and Access Controls were strengthened in the application system to prevent from any intentional frauds or accidental errors by users arising out of system authorizations and unauthorized transactions.