Case Studies

ERP Audit
About Client
  • The Client is a subsidiary company of World's leading manufacturer of various equipments (decanter, separator, valves, pipes, Ts etc) used in beverage, food industries. Client has got six manufacturing factories in India.
  • Client decided to review Production and Procurement Process and related modules in their ERP System (Movex) across six factories.
  • Client wanted to know whether their above processes are correct and in line with best practices.
  • The various reasons for inventory pile-up.
Our Scope
  • Their Procurement and Manufacturing Processes was reviewed for betterment and process streamlining.
  • Control lapses was identified on various process which affect Inventory
  • A root-cause analysis was done to identify the cause and fix responsibility to the owners.
  • Review the respective Movex ERP Modules for business process coverage, data accuracy and SOD Issues
Benefits for Client
  • Various Causes for Inventory Pile-Up were identified and action plans were arrived
  • To reduce inventory
  • To avoid future inventory pileup
  • To implement uniform process across all factories.
  • Ways and Means with the use of ERP System were implemented to maintain the required stock level at all the factories.
  • Ways and Means along with action plans were suggested to fine tune the respective process in order to take the maximum use of resources.
  • Internal Controls in Movex ERP Modules were built in the system to prevent any misuse of ERP systems.
  • Master Data Accuracy and its completeness were ensured to have accurate MIS Reports and also for better planning.
  • SOD and Access Controls were strengthened in the Movex system to prevent from any intentional frauds or accidental errors by users arising out of system authorizations and unauthorized transactions.

About Client
  • Client is a state Government owned public transport corporation with bus depots across the state
  • Heterogeneous applications
  • Oracle Financials for Finance and Accounting
  • Depot Computerisation System for for route scheduling and ticket details capturing
  • Electronic ticketing machines (ETM) for issuing tickets and Advanced Reservation System for issuing online tickets for trips
  • Payroll system for processing the payroll of all the employees of the corporation
  • To assess the capability of the Application
  • Systems to meet business requirement
  • To Ensure required Internal Controls are deployed in Application Systems
Our Scope
  • Modules of the Payroll, DCS Application and Oracle Financials Software were scrutinized extensively in order to ascertain the capability to meet the business
  • Modules were reviewed for existence and effectiveness of internal controls built into the systems
  • Reviewed the ETM interface
  • Review the functioning and security of Advanced reservation Systems
  • Reviewed the configuration management and backup procedures
  • Reviewed the error handling and recovery procedures
  • Reviewed the System Development Life Cycle.
Benefits for Client
  • Higher assurance of processing accurate and reliable data
  • Identification of System Capabilities, resulting in effective utilization of features and proper integration of modules
  • Reduction of excessive manual intervention reducing chances of errors and frauds
  • Improved productivity and better internal control by implementing system driven controls
  • Identification of bottle necks and pain areas
  • Timely availability of information for decision making
  • Accelerated the processing time for preparation and finalization of accounts.
  • Planning the IT initiatives for improving the efficiency of the business processes and ensuring better control

About Client
  • Client is a leading textile company in the manufacture of cotton yarn
  • Located in multiple location with SAP application maintained from the central office
  • To ensure the correctness of the data received from SAP
  • Financial Results
  • Costing data
  • Identify the extent of the usage of SAP
  • Integrity of the reports generated from SAP
  • Correctness of the process configured in SAP
Our Scope
  • Reviewed the Business Process mapped in the Finance Module of SAP System for any Gaps in the System and Process
  • Reviewed the Internal Controls configured in the modules pertaining to business process flow
  • Reviewed and Identified the Segregation of Duties and Conflict Functions in SAP User ids
  • Scanned the Master Data Table Values to ensure correctness and completeness
Benefits for Client
  • Client is given adequate assurance that all its Business Processes are being mapped in ERP
  • Advocated adequate controls at specific points to ensure a smooth flow of each business process in a controlled environment
  • Helped in capitalizing on the features available in the product thereby eliminating considerable level of manual activities
  • Assured that accurate and reliable data is processed.
  • Clear identification of bottlenecks and pain areas in software application where the management has to focus
  • The training needs of the users were identified and adequate training could be provided to the users in order to facilitate effective utilization of the application

About Client
  • The Client is multinational company offering various shipping and container logistic solutions and transportation services to customers across five continents. It has more than 60 weekly shipping services with rapid transit times to 180 ports across the globe.
  • Client has deployed Port Logistics Application Systems (AFSYS and IQShip).
  • Need is to check the effectiveness and efficiency of Application Controls built in to the system to avoid any business risks,
  • Wanted to know the Utilization of Application Systems by end users.
  • Wanted to ensure the Accuracy and Reliability of MIS Reports generated from the Systems
Our Scope
  • Reviewed process coverage to check whether all process been correctly mapped in the modules of application systems and appropriate module features available were used effectively.
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of Application Controls built in to the modules of the systems
  • Completeness, Accuracy and Data Integrity in Master tables were analyzed for any data errors resulting inaccurate MIS Reports.
  • Reviewed the Segregation of Duties in Application User IDs and access controls built in to the same.
Benefits for Client
  • Few of the manual process were identified for automation there by saving time and avoiding errors caused by unnecessary human intervention.
  • Initiatives were implemented for maximum utilization of module features by end users there by on increasing staff productivity and avoiding duplication of works, manual file keeping etc.
  • Reasonable Assurance to management that application systems are flawless and prevented from frauds arising out of intentional or innocent errors and system mis-configurations.
  • Reliability of MIS Reports generated from system was ensured for business decisions without any manual data compilation.
  • SOD and Access Controls were strengthened in the application system to prevent from any intentional frauds or innocent errors by users arising out of system authorizations and unauthorized transactions.